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Fabric Choices for Custom Garments
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  Corduroy Fabrics
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  Denim, Chambray, & Twill Fabrics
  Fabric Combination Ideas for Patchwork Garments
  Flannel Fabrics
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  Linen/Rayon/Cotton & Blend Fabrics
  Polyester Fabrics for Skirts & Jumpers
  Seersucker Cotton & Polyester Fabrics
  Solids & Prints for Blouses Fabric
  Special Fabric
  Summer or Cotton Print Nightgown Fabrics
To the left, we have various options for fabric choices for different custom made garments on our site.

See the description for each garment you would like, to see which type of fabric can be chosen for each garment. Not all fabrics are options for every type of garment. If you have questions, please ask us.

If there is a choice for "other" in the item, you can give us the fabric name when you checkout.