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Summer Nightgown fabric choices

washable fabric

These are opague,
not see-through, but
might not be as cool for summer as the
fabrics at the bottom of
this page
Pink & White Floral

Sunny Day Blue, low stock

Camilla--a classic black on white floral, low stock

Whimsical Soft Summer Flowers, low stock

Peacock Medallion
Sunny Day Yellow, low stock

Lilac Floral, low stock

Natural Dots, low stock

Purple Blooms Whisper Wheat Green Seersucker--low stock

Rosebuds, low stock

These are more lightweight
fabrics and thus cooler in the
summer, but may be see-through
in some lighting

Crinkle Cotton Brown, low stock
Sketched Roses, low stockDelicate Primrose