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Denim & Twill fabric choices

Denim & Twill colors, washable fabric

8 oz. denim, cotton. This is our medium weight denim, perfect for A-line skirts & jumpers without gathered skirts. We do NOT recommend it for items that have a gathered skirt, ruffles, or for tiered skirts.

Medium Blue

Black- backordered

New 6 oz. Indigo chambray, but feels like 8 oz. Can be used liked 8 oz. denim fabrics!

6 oz. denim cotton This is a lighterweight denim which is very nice for items with gathered skirts, ruffles, and for tiered skirts. You may also choose it for A-line or gored skirts for summertime. All are cotton.


light blue

lightweight denim-type fabric
Manchester Moss low stock
Manchester Rose
Manchester Caramel, low stock,

Manchester Tan
Manchester Black
Manchester Yarrow

Heavy denim
This is our thick weight denim, cotton. This is used for A-line or 6 gore skirts for winter or jumpers without gathers or button fronts. It is not suitable for any items with gathers or pleats.

Light Blue 10 oz.
Chambray is a very lightweight cotton denim, suitable for blouses and dresses and tiered skirts.
It is not very warm so we don't recommend it for winter garments unless you are layering.
We also do not recommend it for A-line or gored skirts unless you get a ruffle on the bottom.

light indigo
Chambray patchwork, low stock
White Floral Chambray
Blue Floral Chambray

Quotes Chambray Light Brown

Cotton Twill fabrics make lovely A-line or gored skirts and jumpers, if you prefer natural fibers, and don't mind a little wrinkling. We do NOT recommend it for gathered skirts, fuller skirts, tiered skirts or ruffles.

Hampton Black, 5.6 oz. low stock, will restock on demand,
see Manchester Black above, for a similar option

Hampton Khaki, 5.6 oz.
Light Blue Floral Twill

Kobe Twill Espresso Brown, 6 oz.Montauk Twill Midnight Navy, 8 oz
low stock

Bella Twill Mint
Victorian Rose Twill
cream background